Reseller & Partner Relationships

We operate two programs: a basic Reseller arrangement and a rewarding Partner program where you and your clients both benefit.

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Register your business with us and we’ll automatically award you a 10% discount on all sales.

No sales targets, no minimum quantities. It’s really that simple.


Register with us and unlock the following benefits when a client commits to being an Affixa Enterprise case study:

  • Free and unlimited use of Affixa within your own business forever.
  • 60% discount on pricing for the case study client’s first year.
  • 25% discount on pricing for all other sales for two years.
  • Your logo and a link to your web site within the case study.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any conditions of my client acting as a case study?

Not many conditions, but there are a few. Firstly, the sale must be for at least 50 users. Secondly, and most importantly, you must gain written consent from your client’s brand controllers to act as a case study prior to committing to the sale. You can always use a free trial to allow your client to experience Affixa Enterprise before they commit. Finally, we will accept case study proposals at our own discretion. The main reasons we would reject a proposal is because we’re either swamped with case study requests or the client’s brands, products or ethos would not sit well with our own.

What does my client have to do to be a case study?

It takes very little effort on their behalf. We’d write up the case study and make use of their high-resolution logo and include a few pull quotes. We’d need you or your client to tell us a bit about what your client does and how Affixa Enterprise solved their technical challenges. Your client would get sign-off on the content prior to its use.

When would the 25% discount on future sales start and end?

It starts when we invoice you for your first case study sale and ends two years from when we invoiced you for your last case study sale. Basically, the clock starts again whenever you give us another case study and you’ll revert to Reseller status if you don’t deliver another case study within two years.

What if my client wants to buy for multiple years?

We’ll pro-rate the invoice applying a 60% discount for the first year, a 25% discount for the following two years, and a 10% discount for further years up to 5 years (when it would become a “forever” license).

What if my client wants to upgrade?

We’ll make sure the relevant discount is carried over depending upon the date of upgrade.

We don't want to buy using a reseller but we're happy to be a case study!

Not a problem – get in touch and let’s talk. We can extend the same discounts to you.


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