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Google Workspace Mail is great, but how do you integrate it with your existing desktop business software?
Easy - you use Affixa.
About Affixa
About Affixa

Emails Made Easy

Many legacy desktop applications have the built-in capability to send emails. You need Affixa to make these features work with Google Workspace Mail.

Simple Software

When Affixa receives an email from an application, it does its job quickly and simply, then disappears. No end-user training is required; it’s simple!

Loved By Users

Productive users are happy users! Affixa lets them continue using the familiar and time-saving email features of their legacy desktop software.

Easy Configuration

Affixa’s behavior can be customized via our web app and any changes or updates are picked up by all your users automatically.


Works with SSO and two-factor authentication out of the box. Emails are only ever sent directly to Google’s servers using HTTPS via official APIs.

Excellent Support

We’re a small business that’s passionate about our product. You’ll get fast, personable support whenever you need it and a commitment to free updates.

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