Need to integrate Google Workspace Mail with your existing desktop applications?
No problem. Just use Affixa Enterprise.

Simple MAPI Compliant

Many desktop applications have the capability to send emails using Simple MAPI. You need Affixa to make these features work with Google Workspace Mail.

Create a Draft or Send

When Affixa receives an email from an application, it can either create a draft message and show it on-screen or send it automatically.

Include Email Signatures

Affixa ensures that each user’s current email signature is automatically added to the end of each message, keeping you both compliant and on-brand.

Choose Your Browser

A draft email can be displayed using the PC’s default browser, or you can ensure it’s always shown in a specific browser – e.g. Google Chrome.


Emails are sent directly to Google’s servers over SSL using an official Google API. We can’t read your users’ incoming or outgoing mail whatsoever.

Broad Compatibility

The client software works with Windows XP SP3 or later and also works well in Terminal Services or Citrix environments. You just need the .NET Framework 3.5.


Automatic Updates

You can choose to allow the client software to update itself automatically without Administrator privileges, keeping maintenance hassle-free.

Web-based Configuration

Affixa’s behavior can be customized via our web app and any changes or updates are picked up by all your users automatically.

Cloud or Hybrid

With our default install option, you can trust our servers to talk to Google on your users’ behalf. Alternatively, you can bring that control in-house with Hybrid.

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