3.2024.4.19 - Release

  • Support for upcoming Google granular consent changes.

3.2024.1.2 - Release

  • Support TLS 1.3 for all mail providers.

3.2023.5.31 - Release

  • Gmail - retry on 502 (bad gateway) responses from the Gmail API.

3.2022.5.25 - Release

  • Gmail - support plus symbols in email addresses.

3.2022.4.8 - Release

  • Force the use of TLS 1.2 HTTPS connections.
  • Microsoft 365 - use the Outlook REST API instead of EWS.

3.2021.7.28 - Release

  • Microsoft 365 - Further OAuth2 fixes.

3.2021.4.9 - Release

  • Microsoft 365 - Further OAuth2 fixes.

3.2021.1.8 - Release

  • Microsoft 365 - OAuth2 fixes.

3.2020.12.18 - Release

  • Microsoft 365 - use OAuth2 for authentication.
  • Update email provider icons to match current branding.

3.2019.07.25 - Release

  • OWA - better detection of Exchange settings for non-Office 365 accounts.

3.2019.07.01 - Release

  • Better compatibility with TLS 1.1 and 1.2, mainly for Zimbra and Exchange.

3.2019.04.16 - Release

  • Gmail - force re-authorisation when updating to new version.

3.2019.02.04 - Release

  • Gmail - now requires less permissions.

3.2018.10.15 - Release

  • Gmail - tweaks to the new message identifiers used in the new Gmail interface.

3.2018.10.12 - Release

  • Gmail - tweaks to the new message identifiers used in the new Gmail interface.

3.2018.09.27 - Release

  • Gmail - bundled Chrome extension with installer. The extension is now required rather than optional because of changes in the new Gmail UI.

3.2018.08.17 - Release

  • Gmail - implemented the new message identifiers used in the new Gmail interface.

3.2018.04.04 - Release

  • Further attempt to resolve a conflict created by the Office 365 software from the Microsoft Store.

3.2018.03.13 - Release

  • Workaround for conflict created by pre-installed Office 365 software by Dell on new PCs.

3.2017.07.22 - Release

  • Office 365 - fixed a few account setup bugs.

3.2017.07.13 - Release

  • Office 365 - ensured the signature is always refreshed on each send, and also that inline signature attachments are supported.

3.2017.05.26 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a crash that occurred if an attachment was in use by another application.
  • Gmail - fixed a crash that occurred when parsing the Gmail signature details.

3.2017.05.19 - Release

  • Gmail - resolved a proxy issue when communicating with Google's servers.
  • Gmail - fixed a crash that occurred when no email signature was in use.

3.2017.05.09 - Release

  • Gmail - resolved an issue with character encodings.
  • Yahoo! - removed last remnants of code base.
  • Email address validation - relaxed to cope with new TLDs, such as .cloud

3.2017.07.02 - Release

  • Gmail - attempt to fix a crash using the new means of authenticating (via web browser).

3.2017.01.03 - Release

  • Gmail - attempt to fix a crash using the new means of authenticating (via web browser).

3.2016.12.21 - Release

  • Gmail - new means of authenticating (via web browser) and now uses Gmail API to obtain signature.

3.2016.07.14 - Release

  • Office 365 - fixed an issue configuring accounts when auto-discover fails.

3.2016.04.18 - Release

  • Zimbra - fixed delays to Affixa startup.
  • Signed with a SHA2 code signing certificate.

3.2016.02.08 - Release

  • Made the key name used by Affixa to lookup email addresses in Active Directory configurable.

3.2015.09.02 - Release

  • Zimbra - fixed a bug caused by ampersands in a recipient name.
  • Zimbra - updated draft message creation to reflect changes in Zimbra 8.
  • Office 365 - fixed a bug that caused a 401 error if the user declined to save their credentials.

3.2015.06.23 - Release

  • Better support for Sage BusinessWorks and 'WhoAmI' MAPI calls.
  • Critical update for Windows XP users due to impending SSL changes on our web server.
  • General update of web URLs in the software.
  • Zimbra - unable to authenticate if the password contains an ampersand.

3.2015.06.17 - Beta

  • Better support for Sage BusinessWorks and 'WhoAmI' MAPI calls.
  • Zimbra - unable to authenticate if the password contains an ampersand.

3.2015.04.08 - Release

  • Better handling of comms failures while creating drafts or sending emails.

3.2015.03.17 - Release

  • Fixed a problem with licence activation on renewed subscriptions.

3.2015.03.09 - Release

  • Yahoo - we can no longer support Yahoo! Mail :-( . More details

3.2015.03.01 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed an issue with commas in email recipient display names.

3.2014.11.10 - Release

  • Fixed a problem loading email content with non-English (Windows-1251) characters.

3.2014.10.01 - Release

  • Fixed problem with line spacing for all webmail providers.
  • Zimbra - resolved an issue whereby font size was set incorrectly in draft/sent email.

3.2014.08.13 - Release

  • Gmail - removed IMAP and "classic" HTTP modes. Affixa now uses Gmail's RESTful API.

3.2014.05.14 - Release

  • OWA - fix to handle ForeFront security.

3.2014.04.22 - Release

  • Gmail - critical fix for HTTP mode.

3.2014.03.27 - Release

  • Yahoo! - Affixa's consumer key (which identifies Affixa to Yahoo) has changed. Additionally, HTTPS is now used for all transactions.

3.2014.03.23 - Release

  • Yahoo! - corrected the maximum attachment size to be 25MB.
  • Zimbra - corrected the maximum attachment size to be 37MB.

3.2014.03.20 - Beta

  • Resolved an issue whereby a proxy wasn't used for subscription checks.

3.2014.03.10 - Release

  • Fixed a problem getting a user's email address from Active Directory.

3.2014.02.08 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a problem whereby users on the non-subscription version had to grant access twice when first setting up an account.
  • Gmail & Yahoo - fixed a bug that arose when the user closes the mini web browser window manually.

3.2014.02.05 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a problem whereby the browser didn't close while granting access to an account in HTTP mode.

3.2014.02.02 - Release

  • Gmail - ensured that the Apps domain is cleared after changing an account to a gmail.com account.
  • Fixed problems caused by a third party obfuscation product.

3.2014.02.01 - Release

  • Gmail - fix to support changes in signatures.
  • Further bug fix for HTTP redirects with relative URLs.

3.2014.01.31 - Release

  • Gmail - fix for HTTP mode to respond to Google's new URLs.

3.2014.01.30 - Release

  • Bug fix for HTTP redirects with relative URLs.

3.2014.01.22 - Release

  • Reverted a threading-based change on the mini web browser. Was causing freezes for some users.

3.2014.01.16 - Release

  • Yahoo! - OK button wasn't enabled after successful OAUTH authorisation.

3.2014.01.15 - Release

  • Yahoo! - resolved an issue where logging in using the mini web browser didn't work under Windows 8.1
  • Improved the overall performance of the mini web browser.

3.2014.01.02 - Release

  • Resolved performance problems in Windows 8 and 8.1 granting access to a Gmail or Yahoo account.

3.2014.01.01 - Release

  • Gmail - rewrote HTTP authentication approach to prepare for the "new sign-in experience" for Apps customers.
  • OWA - better handling of an Exchange server exception while Affixa is running.
  • Browser Extensions - completely rewritten Chrome and Firefox extensions; retirement of the IE Browser Helper Object.
  • Performs a run-time check for the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and alerts if not present.
  • Stopped the software from prompting about software updates when an error occurs if the user is an enterprise user.
  • Updated copyright dates throughout software for 2014.

3.2013.11.17 - Release

  • Fixed an issue launching the web mail account under Windows XP.

3.2013.10.15 - Release

  • Zimbra - fixed HTML signature support and also the inclusion of images within signatures.
  • Resolved a bug with the mini web browser under Windows Server 12 and Windows 8.1.

3.2013.10.12 - Beta

  • Gmail - remove erroneous question marks from signatures. This was caused by the presence of Unicode Byte Order Marks.
  • Gmail - improved the robustness of error handling around OAUTH authorisation.
  • Gmail - refined error handling for IMAP connections.
  • Zimbra - support SSO with Windows Authentication. Can be activated via the registry only.
  • Improved mailto preference setting on Windows XP.
  • Better handling of connection errors during subscription activation.
  • Better registry access handling on Windows XP x86.
  • Better x64 platform detection.

3.2013.08.09 - Release

  • Better support for MAPIResolveName.
  • Better error-handling for the process where pre-configured settings are written.

3.2013.08.07 - Release

  • Office 365 - fixed an issue that prevented adding accounts without Autodiscovery.

3.2013.08.06 - Release

  • Gmail - prevent a crash which occurred after granting access to an account.
  • Gmail - handle a situation where the OAUTH refresh token hasn't been stored.
  • Office 365 - support the latest update to the API and web interface.
  • OWA / Office 365 - alert the user when account information is "broken".
  • OWA / Office 365 - resolve situation where the version of the Exchange server hasn't been stored correctly.
  • Yahoo! - support a Captcha request during email sending.
  • Ensure that the mailto preference is re-established after a software update.
  • Prevent a situation whereby Internet Explorer would open tens of windows when clicking on a "mailto" link when a particular registry key was missing.

3.2013.07.02 - Release

  • Support for non-Gregorian calendars in the licensing module. Was experiencing problems with the Thai Solar Calendar where the year is currently 2556.

3.2013.06.19 - Beta

  • Encryption has been moved to AES. New cryptography framework in place for future changes.

3.2013.06.14 - Beta

  • Gmail - made it so the Email Migration API option can be re-enabled in the registry.
  • Gmail - ensured the Email Migration API is compatible with OAUTH2.
  • Fixed a bug in UI trimming whereby elements configured to be not shown were still appearing.

3.2013.04.21 - Release

  • Zimbra - added a new option to prevent /zimbra/ being added into the URL for a draft message.

3.2013.04.14 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a crash that occurred when the user chooses "No Thanks" on the OAUTH screen.
  • General - added an option to suppress the launch of AffixaTray.exe upon installation.

3.2013.04.01 - Release

  • OWA / Office 365 - support for Exchange 2013.

3.2013.03.26 - Release

  • General - fixed a problem where renewals were not being processed automatically when the licence issued didn't require licence server checks and the software wasn't deployed by pre-configured MSI.

3.2013.03.17 - Release

  • General - ensured that the current year is always shown in the copyright message on the "About" screen.
  • General - when performing a pre-configured MSI build, the same version MSI as the installed software will now be downloaded.

3.2013.03.13 - Beta

  • General - fixed a crash that occurred when trying to access the registry to process licensing information on Windows XP.
  • General - ensured that the stack trace for an unhandled exception can be shown on-screen when all other error handling fails.

3.2013.03.11 - Beta

  • Gmail - change the default so draft messages are shown automatically.
  • Gmail - better handling of Gmail mailto URLs which contain spaces. Now encoded as %20.
  • Yahoo - fixed a crash that was experienced when using Affixa on Arabic versions of Windows.
  • My Computer - fixed a crash where the email application is no longer installed.
  • General - fixed a problem where linebreaks were being removed unnecessarily.
  • General - fixed a crash that occurred when the default browser's command line value in the registry was missing.
  • General - fixed a crash that occurred when setting the Affixa Tray window top-most before Explorer had finished loading.

3.2013.02.13 - Beta

  • Gmail - OAuth in an external browser no longer logs the user out first.

3.2013.02.09 - Beta

  • Gmail - now uses OAuth 2.0 for authorisation. OAuth 1.0 tokens will be honoured until the user grants access again or Google stops supporting it.
  • Gmail - remove detection of the new account infrastructure. All accounts should now be using this.
  • Gmail - support OAuth authorisation in an external web browser.
  • Invalid email addresses will now be treated as a warning rather than an error.
  • Fixed a potential crash when setting the Tray Application to start at log-on.
  • Now uses .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
  • Provide a .exe installer in addition to .msi. .exe installer to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 where not already present.

3.2013.01.12 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a problem where SSO redirects meant that the signature setting might be picked up more than once when granting access to an account.

3.2012.12.22 - Release

  • Gmail - fix for signature support.
  • Yahoo - fix for OAUTH signature exception.

3.2012.12.02 - Release

  • Gmail - automatic switch to port 587 if port 25 is blocked by a firewall or an ISP.
  • Gmail - handled an error that occurs when a user tries to send too many attachments.
  • Yahoo - better handling of expired credentials.
  • Fixed crash affecting Arabic versions of Windows.
  • Added extra handling around security exceptions when Windows prevents read access to the registry.

3.2012.11.01 - Release

  • Critical - workaround to cope with sudden change in Google's server behaviour using IMAP protocol.

3.2012.10.14 - Release

  • Windows XP - attempted to provide extra resilience during the Administrator check in non-English editions of Windows.
  • Extensions - ensured that the Extensions web page is only displayed for Google accounts.
  • Chrome - added extra resilience to incorrect Chrome registrations on computers.

3.2012.08.27 - Release

  • Final fix - handling several Google Chrome browser installations at once (per-user).

3.2012.08.26 - Release

  • Added extra debugging code to trace further problems when handling several Google Chrome browser installations at once (per-user).

3.2012.08.19 - Release

  • Gmail - fixed a bug under the Migration API where the incorrect draft message would be shown to the user.
  • OWA - fixed a crash that could occur when prompted to enter a username and password and the wrong credentials were provided.
  • Browser Extensions - updated to reflect changes to Google login process and to conform with Chrome's manifest file definition v2.
  • Better handling of several Google Chrome browsers at once (per-user).
  • Fixed a crash where two instances of the Options screen are attempted to be shown at once.
  • Better handling of broken installations - prompt to reinstall.
  • Resolved a crash that could happen when AffixaTray.exe was launched without an interactive desktop. This was a problem with network installations.

3.2012.06.24 - Release

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Sage 50.

3.2012.05.30 - Release

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Quickbooks (Australian Edition).

3.2012.05.27 - Release

  • Gmail - signature was no longer being picked up automatically because of a change in Gmail.
  • Yahoo - signature was not appearing unless file hosting was turned on.
  • Renewals - made it possible to enter (or check) a subscription code upon renewal. By default, subscriptions are still automatically extended without user action.
  • Fixed an occasional bug that occurred when trying to establish the default text for an email provided by Windows.
  • Fixed an occasional bug saving the contents of baskets.

3.2012.05.15 - Release

  • Gmail - body was not being included in mailto handling when present in original mailto URI.
  • Installer - ask the user to close IE before the installation begins.
  • Installer - ignore if IE is running for silent installs.

3.2012.05.13 - Release

  • OWA - will now pick up email address and username from Active Directory (if configured to do so).
  • Yahoo - better handling of the scenario where OAUTH credentials are revoked and a new token is required.
  • Image Resizing - images should now be resized according to their largest dimension.

3.2012.03.29 - Release

  • OWA - support for a wider range of authentication methods (and not automatically defaulting to Windows Authentication when on a domain).
  • OWA - fixed a problem with some instances of Exchange when uploading attachments.

3.2012.03.18 - Release

  • Zimbra - added debugging code to track down signature problem.
  • Licence activation - added debugging code to track down intermittent problems.

3.2012.03.11 - Release

  • Gmail - faster "mailto" processing.
  • Gmail - worked around a problem getting the signature when IE7 or earlier is installed on the PC. Preferred fix is to upgrade the browser!
  • Zimbra - fixed a problem detecting whether to use plain or HTML content.
  • Zimbra - fixed a problem where images contained in signatures were lost.
  • Browser Extensions - updated to cope with faster mailto handling for Gmail.

3.2012.02.28 - Release

  • Freeze - hopefully fixed the freeze on some Windows 7 computers.

3.2012.02.26 - Release

  • Gmail - added extra debug logging to identify a problem with missing signatures / signatures containing images.
  • Freeze - added extra debug logging to identify a problem that's causing Affixa to freeze on some Windows 7 computers.

3.2012.02.19 - Release

  • Gmail - capability to support a custom SSO URL for Gmail HTTP mode.
  • IE - Browser Helper Object now registered properly when installed via MSI.

3.2012.02.11 - Release

  • OWA - compatibility with Exchange 2010 SP2 and greater.
  • OWA - support for post-authentication redirects during auto-discovery.
  • OWA - support for Office 365 when auto-discovery fails.
  • OWA - ensure that URL encoding is maintained when launching Internet Explorer to view the draft message.
  • OWA - renamed account type to "Outlook Web App / Office 365".
  • Gmail - resolved a System.NullReferenceException when connecting to imap.gmail.com caused by the last update.
  • Mailto support - fixed a bug whereby a mailto link containing BCC recipients would cause the draft email to include those recipients as "CC" recipients by mistake.
  • Tray Application - included better logging.
  • Debugging - included a live debugging capability.

3.2012.01.30 - Release

  • Proxies - fixed critical error introduced by yesterday's release.

3.2012.01.29 - Release

  • Gmail - better reporting of the situation where a firewall or proxy can prevent authorisation of Affixa with Google.
  • Proxies - re-factored code around auto-discovery and configuration of proxy servers.

3.2012.01.22 - Release

  • Gmail - handling of emerging issue of \t appearing in signature blocks.
  • Installer - MSI installer is now the only supported installer technology. Users running the old Affixa-Setup.exe will have the MSI downloaded for them automatically.
  • Better detection of invalid email addresses and subjects.
  • Handled a crash that could occur when closing the mini-web browser window.

3.2012.01.08 - Release

  • New option to automatically look up a user's email address from Active Directory in enterprise deployments. New version of Configuration for Business Environments document to reflect this change.
  • Removed options to hide Upgrade and Uninstall links in Start Menu as part of MSI build. These are now always hidden in all cases.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when producing an MSI build but no UI trimming had taken place.

3.2012.01.05 - Release

  • Gmail - if the user is already logged into Gmail and uses the HTTP connection method in Affixa, the user is sometimes shown their inbox when authenticating and the Affixa authentication process does not complete. This release includes a fix for this problem.

3.2012.01.01 - Release

  • Gmail - Simplified IMAP and SMTP exception handling. Specifically addressed SMTP "data refused" error, IMAP "no login methods supported" error and socket time-out exception.
  • Zimbra - better handling of the situation where the server closes the HTTP connection unexpectedly.
  • Firefox - update extension and test with Firefox 9.
  • MSI - include missing Interop DLL.
  • Copyright dates updated for 2012.

3.2011.11.27 - Release

  • Gmail - SMTP error "Try again later, closing connection" now displayed to user as this is caused by sending too many messages in a short period of time.
  • MSI - reversed CAB changes from last version. Incompatible with x64 machines.
  • Improved detection of whether Affixa is the default mail application under Windows 7.

3.2011.11.21 - Release

  • Gmail, OWA, Yahoo, Zimbra - NEW FEATURE: ability to send messages rather than saving as draft so long as a minimum (configurable) amount of information is included in the email content.
  • Gmail - better reporting of the situation when Gmail disallows addition to the Drafts folder.
  • MSI - now using a different approach to extract historic AFFIX.CAB files. Previous method didn't work if .CAB file extension wasn't associated with Windows.
  • MSI - fixed a problem preventing this from working in quiet mode.
  • Update third party UI and mail components to latest versions.

3.2011.11.06 - Release

  • Gmail - critical fix for HTTP mode. Google have changed their HTTP login sequence, necessitating a change in Affixa.
  • Gmail - modified message displayed when the "Drafts" folder cannot be discovered using IMAP. "Advanced IMAP Controls" is no longer a labs feature and is now a normal part of Gmail.
  • My Computer - resolved a crash caused by faulty exporting of settings during the MSI build process.
  • MSI Installer - resolved a critical crash when installing the software.
  • The mini web browser inside Affixa will now use the Internet Explorer 9 user agent and render in IE9 mode.

3.2011.10.23 - Release

  • Fixed a crash setting Affixa as the user's default mail application.

3.2011.10.22 - Release

  • Yahoo! - Ensure OAUTH access token is only refreshed after one hour. Yahoo! to block accounts with excessive token refreshes by November 15.
  • Yahoo! - Handled Storage Abuse Exception for users breaking Yahoo!'s terms of service.
  • Yahoo! - Handled IO problems uploading attachments to Yahoo!
  • Yahoo! - Handled "permission denied" OAUTH exception.
  • MSI Installer - brand new MSI installer for Affixa. Customer-specific settings now stored in a Settings.afx file, rather than AFFIX.CAB.
  • MSI Installer - /NETWORKADMIN MSI build process now creates Settings.afx file, rather than AFFIX.CAB
  • Ensured list of account types on Options screen doesn't duplicate each time the screen is loaded.
  • Better handling of IO problems when sending data via HTTP Post.
  • Better handling of missing message.xml file error - usually caused by AffixaHandler.exe being called incorrectly by user.
  • Checking for whether the Tray application should launch with Windows now uses native .NET registry code rather than pinvoke and reflection.
  • Better handling of 64-bit registry keys on Windows XP x64.

3.2011.10.2 - Release

  • Gmail - better handling of IMAP connection aborts.
  • Gmail and Yahoo! - better handling of missing DLL problems with mini web browser.
  • Better handling of registry access security exceptions.
  • MSI Installer will now kill AffixaHandler.exe and AffixaTray.exe before installation or update.
  • MSI Installer will now have a new version number, product code and package code each time Affixa is updated. This will make rolling out updates far easier.
  • MSI Installer will now launch AffixaTray.exe as the logged-on Windows user after installation, rather than as the SYSTEM user.

3.2011.9.18 - Release

  • Gmail - refined option to force users to re-authenticate on each use of Affixa. Username is now remembered.
  • Performing a new MSI build for enterprise deployments will no longer cause users to re-authenticate.
  • Update checks were happening regardless of whether the instructions in the configuration guide were followed or not. This is now fixed.

3.2011.9.10 - Release

  • Gmail - resolved an error received when the user denies Affixa access to their email account.
  • Gmail - added option to force users to re-authenticate on each use of Affixa. Only available as part of MSI deployment.
  • Trust relationship problems between workstations and domains - better reporting of these.
  • Further instances of COM registration problems. Provide message to user to re-install Affixa.
  • Better handling of empty email addresses during MAPI processing.
  • Report invalid attachment file paths to the user rather than crashing.
  • Installer now applies x64 registry settings before x86. This will ensure Windows 7 x64 installations will receive the required 32-bit DLL configuration, whereas Vista x64 and older will receive the required 64-bit DLL configuration.

3.2011.9.4 - Release

  • Ensure MAPIResolveName returns MAPI_E_UNKNOWN_RECIPIENT
  • Address COM registration problem for web browser component. Provide message to user to re-install Affixa.
  • Fix broken Gmail HTTP Option - no drafts appearing

3.2011.8.29 - Release

  • Handled MAPI scenario where email address is presented as the recipient's name and the recipient's address is empty.
  • General refactoring of MAPI interface code.

3.2011.8.10 - Release

  • Ensured that the MSI build process uses a proxy to download files when a proxy is configured.

3.2011.7.31 - Release

  • Fixed an installer error for MSI deployments.

3.2011.7.16 - Release

  • Gmail - HTTP mode now supports "classic" Google accounts (i.e. non-migrated).
  • Gmail - fixed a small bug establishing whether a signature divider is used.
  • Desktop mail - better handling of the scenario where Outlook was configured as an account but has since been uninstalled.
  • Mini-webbrowser - fixed a COM exception raised when the browser is busy and a "navigate" instruction is received.

3.2011.7.3 - Release

  • Installer - if files are locked, replace upon reboot.
  • Gmail - extra logging for the HTTP option.
  • Some non-fault exceptions are being reported back to us as faults, rather than being shown on screen. Corrected this.

3.2011.6.26 - Release

  • Gmail - HTTP connection mode now reinstated for paid subscribers.
  • Gmail & Yahoo - Refactored authentication code to give a smoother user experience.
  • Ensured clock synchronisation check is asynchronous and doesn't block application startup.
  • Firefox extension updated for FF5.
  • Better handling of missing default browser (e.g. Firefox was default but has since been uninstalled).
  • Better detection and warning of faulty installations.
  • Affixa will no longer crash if a carriage return or line feed is found in a "mailto" subject.
  • Handled transport errors that may arise when sending files to the Affixa Drop service.

3.2011.6.11 - Release

  • Improved handling of exceptions caused by the user closing down Affixa mid-process.
  • OWA - better handling of non-supported versions of OWA.
  • Google Apps - fallback option of Email Migration API now supported if IMAP prohibited by security rules (see: http://support.affixa.com/kb/134).
  • Gmail - Affixa now announces itself to the IMAP server using the ID command.
  • Gmail - new means of obtaining message ID from within message creation process.

3.2011.6.6 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Zimbra - ensure all settings are taken from the default persona.
  • Zimbra - ensure email address used for draft message is that received from persona settings.
  • Yahoo! - handle scenario where account has been deactivated.
  • Handle System.MissingMethodException - where installations have gone wrong.
  • Source control moved to GitHub private repository.

3.2011.6.5 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Resolved an authentication issue for Yahoo! where the session handle had been lost.

3.2011.6.3 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Resolved a freeze problem when Affixa couldn't connect to its timeserver.

3.2011.5.29 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Resolved several crashes that occurred when Affixa was closed prior to it completing its work.
  • Fixed account configuration options for OWA after pre-configured MSI installation.

3.2011.5.19 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Added proxy support for IMAP using HTTP or SOCKS4.

3.2011.5.16 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Fixed Browser Helper Object installation problem whereby users would not be taken to their draft message in Internet Explorer.

3.2011.5.14 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Crash when trying to set up OWA account against incorrect server details.
  • Extra debugging code to capture information on two rare problems: unable to find Drafts folder for Gmail, crash when logging in to OWA account.

3.2011.5.12 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Notification when IMAP is not enabled for a Google Apps domain.
  • Code to discover and compensate for workstation clock skew against a time server. This was causing 400 Bad Request errors on some workstations because of unacceptable timestamps. Would potentially mean that Affixa Drop Service would also not function.
  • OAuth HTTP requests now include proxy support.

3.2011.5.11 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Changes to reflect endpoint change for Google Email Settings API
  • Better logging of 400 Bad Request errors to try track down problems.

3.2011.5.10 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Critical Error: Crash on granting account access with Gmail and Google Apps.
  • Crash trying to show the Options screen more than once at the same time.
  • Better reporting of network exceptions when creating a draft Gmail meessage.
  • Better logging of 400 Bad Request errors to try track down problems.

3.2011.5.4 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Better description of Gmail connection problems and steps to resolve.
  • Resolved an issue for users of the .NET Framework 2 earlier than SP2.
  • Resolved a login bug for Yahoo! Mail users where no external accounts are specified.
  • Resolved a bug when trying to find the Gmail drafts folder in non-English versions of Gmail.

3.2011.5.1 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Better performance and smoother transitions with Browser Extensions
  • New means of handling account choice when multiple accounts present
  • Compose window for OWA now opens as a pop-up without toolbars

3.2011.4.16 - Beta

  • OAuth authentication for Gmail and Yahoo! Mail
  • Support for Outlook Web App 2010 and Outlook Web Access 2007
  • Simplified configuration for Single Sign-On
  • Closer adherence to APIs for supported webmail systems
  • New Browser Extensions for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • More options available to cope with post-draft creation scenarios

2.2011.4.10 - Release

  • Temporary fix for "400 Bad Request" problem with Yahoo Mail. Proper fix will be in next major version.

2.2011.3.7 - Release

  • Support for non-ASCII characters in Zimbra attachment filenames.

2.2011.2.6 - Release

  • If attachment has no file extension, pass no mime type.
  • Better support for spaces and non-Latin characters in filenames with Affixa Drop service.
  • Support for proxy.pac files containing more than one proxy server.
  • Modified Firefox extension to support Firefox 4 beta 10.

2.2010.12.28 - Release

  • Added better support for HTML4 forms in SSO implementations.

2.2010.12.22 - Release

  • Added support for 303 redirects in Single Sign-On systems
  • Improved handling of errors that occur moments after manually closing Affixa
  • Automatic detection of the new account infrastructure for Google Apps accounts.

2.2010.12.5 - Release

  • Introduction of new Affixa Drop service to replace drop.io, which is closing.

2.2010.10.17 - Release

  • Introduced new option for Apps customers who have migrated their accounts to the new Infrastructure. See here for further details.
  • Added an alert if Outlook does not have an existing profile but it is chosen by the user as the mail app for MAPI.
  • Improved reporting of registry access restrictions.
  • Provided support for self-signed certificates on Zimbra servers.

2.2010.9.18 - Release

  • Resolved Gmail signature problem when escape characters present.

2.2010.8.16 - Release

  • Resolved Gmail signature problem when two backslashes present.
  • Addressed a problem with MYOB accountancy software.

2.2010.8.8 - Release

  • Addressed logout issue for Gmail users in China.
  • Better notification of network domain issues (e.g. trust problems)
  • More Gmail signature improvements - better support for whitespace and Unicode characters
  • Support for the "Signature Tweak" Gmail labs feature.

2.2010.8.1 - Release

  • SAML responses for Single Sign-On are now HTML-decoded prior to sending them back to Google.

2.2010.7.25 - Release

  • Bug fix for Outlook users on Windows 7. Windows reporting that there is no default mail client.
  • Support for rich text signatures in Gmail and Google Apps.

2.2010.7.11 - Release

  • Support for applications which use MAPISendDocuments - e.g. 7Zip.
  • Better handling of font sizing in Windows.
  • Improved graphics on Options screen.
  • Prevented potential security crash when determining MIME type of attachments.
  • Retired the capability to log in via a web browser. Security enhancements in browsers now make this impossible.
  • Fixed a bug where Affixa failed to identify the default Windows email text in languages other than English.

2.2010.7.5 - Release

  • Fixed potential crash due to locked file when writing Firefox cookies.
  • German translation

2.2010.5.22 - Release

  • Bug fix for Yahoo! Mail users
  • Zimbra Beta

2.2010.1.23 - Release

  • Better handling of Internet Explorer's "Protected Mode" when displaying a draft.
  • Added the capability to cope with Textareas to the Single Sign On module.
  • Added greater detail to activation problem messages.
  • Better handling of login problems with SSO environments.

2.2009.9.24 - Release

  • More changes to resolve an occasional problem uploading files (incorrect content length in header).

2.2009.9.20 - Release

  • Hopefully resolved an occasional problem uploading files (incorrect content length in header).
  • Small fix for Windows 7 x64 users. Windows 7 seems to always use x86 MAPI DLLs.
  • Added extra guidance for Google Apps Single Sign On users. While Affixa does support SSO, it requires custom configuration.

2.2009.9.15 - Release

  • Minor changes to the login scripting engine to support Single Sign On configurations.

2.2009.9.12 - Release

  • Added extra debugging logs in order to trap occasional problems.

2.2009.8.17 - Release

  • Tray application can now be opened with a single click in Windows 7 and abovein order to be consistent with the Windows 7 experience.
  • Added better status reporting during the upload of files to Yahoo! and Drop.io.
  • Fixed some logic around when the "about to use Drop.io" message should appear.

2.2009.8.15 - Release

  • Resolved the issue with the executables. It was actually caused by an uninstallgone wrong.
  • Added better progress reporting during upload of files.

2.2009.8.14 - Release

  • Further debugging to track down the issues with Affixa's accompanying executables.

2.2009.8.13 - Release

  • Some users unable to launch accompanying Affixa executables. No fix for this, butadded debugging logs to try and determine the cause.
  • One user reported a POST issue with Gmail. This recently got rewritten, so wantto confirm whether it is an anomaly or a problem. Added debugging logs to determinethe cause if this happens again.

2.2009.8.11 - Release

  • Better memory management during HTTP posts of files. A maximum 512k buffer willbe used to send files.
  • Google Apps cookies are starting to change a bit - updated Affixa to reflect this.
  • Affixa is now closed down automatically if you choose to uninstall it.
  • Firefox extension now installed automatically during Windows logon if Firefox isthe default browser in enterprise deployments.
  • Message about the Firefox extension installation will now only be shown if Firefoxis already running.
  • Fixed a crash which would arise if there was no "default" account and only one accountwas configured.
  • Added a second check to see whether the user is an administrator after problemson a Novell network.
  • Fixed a problem in the automatic updater where it would attempt to run the updatefrom the root of the C:\ drive.

2.2009.7.12 - Release

  • Increased the Gmail maximum attachment size to 25MB.
  • Better support for travelling Yahoo! Mail users. Accessing Yahoo! Mail from a countryother than your domestic one could have potentially caused a crash.
  • Resolved a long-standing 500 error for Yahoo! Mail users. Many, many thanks to FredRoth for allowing his account to be used for testing!
  • Added an alert for computers running a non-standard Segoe UI font. This was causingthe theme component to crash.
  • Added a bit more resilience for incorrect command line parameters (e.g. passinga mailto: string to AffixaHandler.exe without a /MAILTO switch)
  • Re-wrote login scripts for Google and Yahoo!. Also added Single Sign On scriptingengine for enterprise use.
  • Revised "Configuration for Business Environments" document.
  • Refactored user interface code to avoid cross-threading accidents.

2.2009.6.7 - Release

  • Some minor changes needed to work with some Yahoo! Mail service updates.
  • Removed the "I'll give my details to Google via my web browser" option for Gmailfor Firefox 3.5 users. Changes in Firefox 3.5 will mean that this no longer works(it's impossible to read Firefox's cookie database when Firefox is running as anexclusive lock is now placed on the file).

2.2009.5.4 - Release

  • Rewrote the Affixa extensions for Firefox following issues with the beta of Firefox3.5 and cookie database locking.
  • Tested Affixa with a range of Labs and Firefox Extensions for compatibility. Noproblems found.
  • Minor tweak for corporate use in flat-file usage mode.

2.2009.4.21 - Release

  • Stopped automatic updates when update button is hidden in network deployments.

2.2009.4.19 - Release

  • Fixed potential Yahoo! timeout issue.
  • Maximum Gmail message size was set to 10MB - corrected to 20MB.

2.2009.4.14 - Release

  • Various minor bug fixes and better reporting of non-Affixa problems (e.g. computerconfiguration).

2.2009.3.22 - Release

  • Fixed an issue with the Firefox extension that emerged with Firefox 3.0.7.
  • Fixed the capability to read mail via a desktop mail application.
  • Better notification of files that cannot be read because they're in use.

2.2009.3.1 - Release

  • Resolved bug handling unnamed MAPI recipients.
  • Ensured temporary files are cleaned up on cancellation of process.
  • Better management of Yahoo! builds.
  • Add network resilience to drop.io calls.
  • Further minor modifications for business networks.
  • Ensured that drop.io wasn't used for simple "mailto" links.

2.2009.2.17 - Release

  • Minor modification for business networks.

2.2009.2.11 - Release

  • Fixed bug where Drop.io is used regardless of user choice
  • Tweak to ensure that Google Apps users are taken straight to their draft message
  • Fix to cope with malformed cookies
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when "cutting" and no items selected
  • Fixed Yahoo! Mail config parsing issue.

2.2009.2.9 - Release

  • Fixed an issue with some Yahoo! Mail redirects;
  • Fixed a problem where subscription IDs would not stick;
  • Re-entry of passwords is mandatory upon this release.

2.2009.2.3 - Release

  • Fixed problem whereby attachments were locked and unreadable when sent from basket
  • Resolved a System.TypeInitialization exception reported by one customer. Web serviceproxies will now be pre-compiled.
  • Modified the tray application notification to explain that the tray applicationis only required for Attachment Baskets.
  • Added a one-time warning that drop.io will be used when sending something your emailprovider won't allow (e.g. .exe's, attachments over 10MB, etc)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to copy the contents of an empty basket to another basket.
  • Themes now available, including Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Silver, Office 2007Black and Default Windows.
  • Fixed a potential null reference exception in the default mail application check.
  • Fixed a subscription activation problem for one customer.
  • Improved handling of malformed email addresses in "mailto" links;
  • Improved handling of duplicate account names;
  • Improved reporting of locked files when trying to upload.
  • Resolved mail delivery problems due to SPF failure.

2.2009.1.29 - Release

  • Fixed a parsing issue for Yahoo! Mail
  • Added additional checks for web browser detection to try to mitigate faulty Windowsconfigurations

2.2009.1.28 - Release

  • Added a link to the drop.io "how to" video to explain what it's all about
  • Made re-starts automatic instead of manual
  • Fixed a signature identification problem for some Google Apps accounts

2.2009.1.27 - Release (Soft Launch)

  • Includes better x64 support
  • Includes MSI Deployment Solution Generator for organisations
  • Administrator password on Drop.io drops is now mandatory

2.2009.1.8 - Beta

  • There was a bug using HTTPS with Gmail accounts in Firefox
  • You'll only see one Affixa icon in your system tray at all times now (the applicationhas been made single instance)
  • The installer now checks if Affixa is already running before going ahead with theinstall
  • The installer now checks if gAttach! or yAttach! are installed (Affixa's predecessors)and asks the user to uninstall these as they are incompatible with Affixa

2.2009.1.6 - Beta

  • Fixed a bug whereby the software crashed on setting Affixa to launch with Windows
  • Removed credentials bugs in Gmail and Yahoo accounts
  • Re-organised the Gmail / Google Apps account settings screen
  • Ensured starred baskets and account names were sorted alphabetically

2.2009.1.5 - Beta

  • New basket-related functionality added
  • Bug fix for desktop mail application handling where more than one recipient or attachment
  • New branding and user interface
  • Licence model now included

2.2008.12.18 - Beta

  • Maintenance build, incorporating bug fix for "mailto" issues.

2.2008.12.10 - Beta

  • Maintenance build, incorporating fixes for error reporting.

2.2008.12.4 - Beta

  • Bug fix for Yahoo! Mail accounts.

2.2008.11.30 - Beta

  • Maintenance build, incorporating bug fixes from gAttach!.

2.2008.11.23 - Beta

  • First build including installer. Internal and VIP release only.

Version 1 - gAttach! and yAttach!

  • The Gmail and Yahoo! Mail functionality found in this product was previously foundin gAttach! and yAttach!.