Need to integrate webmail with your PC Software?

No problem. Just use Affixa.

Webmail Wonder

Many applications have the built-in capability to send emails. You need Affixa to make these features work with Gmail, Zimbra, Office 365 or OWA.

Create a Draft or Send

When Affixa receives an email from an application, it can either create a draft message and show it on-screen or send it automatically.

Works with Windows

The software works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, or Windows Server 2008 and later.


Premium Features for Paid Users

Multiple Accounts

Add multiple accounts and choose which one you want to use each time you create a message.

Include Signatures

Affixa ensures that each account’s email signature is automatically added to the end of each message.

Choose Your Browser

A draft email can be displayed using your PC’s default browser, or you can ensure it’s always shown in a specific browser.

Drop Service

Use our cloud storage to store large files or files which are prohibited by your web mail provider. Up to 1GB per file.

Resize Photos

Affixa can automatically resize any photos you send to make them convenient for email.

Compress Your Files

Affixa can compress any file attachments into a Zip file making them smaller and easier to send.


For Businesses

Terminal Services & Citrix

Affixa works with Windows Server 2008 or newer.

Advanced Configuration

Use our Deployment Guide to pre-configure settings and lock-down Affixa’s user interface.

MSI Installer

For easier enterprise deployments, use our Windows Installer packages.


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