The browser extension’s job is to make sure draft email created with our Affixa Desktop or Affixa Enterprise software is shown in an existing Gmail tab. If you’re logged into multiple accounts across multiple tabs, it will ensure the correct tab is used to display the draft.


The browser extension does two things:

  1. Monitors your list of browser tabs so it can identify any tabs used for Gmail;
  2. Monitors your list of logged-in Google accounts by collecting a list of those accounts over a secure (HTTPS) connection.

Using these two pieces of information together with the HTTPS link generated by Affixa Desktop or Affixa Enterprise, it can identify the correct tab for your account and then display the message.


The information gathered by the two monitoring activities above is used by the extension to operate correctly, but isn’t sent anywhere. It just sits in your own computer’s memory and disappears when you shut down your browser or uninstall the extension.

When the counterpart Affixa Desktop or Affixa Enterprise software on your PC launches your browser to display a draft, it doesn’t even include your email address in the HTTPS link. Instead, it provides a “hash” of your email address which is enough for the extension to identify the right account without providing the actual email address.

In short: Notably Good Ltd doesn’t receive, store or process ANY of the data collected or used by our extension. Ever.


Just drop us a line at support@notablygood.com .