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The Webmail Wonder

The new version of Affixa is even faster, and simpler to deploy in the workplace than ever before.

It now supports Gmail, Google Apps, Zimbra, Office 365, Outlook Web App and Yahoo! Mail.

Still only £2 a year and a free upgrade for all users. Buy Now Download

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Makes webmail part of Windows

Many applications have the built-in capability to send emails. For example, you can send a document from Microsoft Word or an invoice from Sage. You need Affixa to make these features work with webmail.

Work and Play

Works with your favourite personal email systems including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, and with enterprise webmail systems such as Google Apps, Zimbra and Outlook Web App. Also works with desktop email applications!

Multiple Accounts

It's common for people to have more than one email account, but Windows only allows you to use its email features with just the one. Affixa allows you to choose between webmail and desktop accounts when you want to.

Other Good Stuff

Support for signatures, automatic recipient inclusion (handy for keeping CRMs up-to-date), file hosting for large attachments, management of frequently used attachments and more.
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The basic version of Affixa is free for personal use.

Buy Now

For just £2 a year, upgrade to the benefits of multiple accounts, signatures and more.

Business Use

Learn how Affixa can be customised and deployed in enterprise environments.